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At Experience Audiology, we specialize in the treatment of all degrees of hearing loss. Currently, we see patients on Tuesdays from 8:00 – 5:30 as well as by appointment. In addition to Bluffton, we also have an office in nearby Decatur which we staff on Thursdays.

If you or someone you know find yourself struggling to hear in any of a variety of environments—be it at church, in restaurants, talking on the phone, or even just sitting at home with your spouse and/or extended family—please call us at (260) 706-2558. Once you contact us, we will schedule you a for a complimentary hearing test.

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Hear What Our Customers Think...

  • "This was my first experience with hearing aids. Jenny was friendly, thorough, careful, and focused on
    my needs. Time was given to ask questions, and her responses were very helpful. She did a great job explaining the entire process. She fine-tuned my hearing aids perfectly. I have been very pleased with my new hearing aids. They are wonderful! Highly Recommend! Excellent care and service! Loved my experience!"
    Linda C.
    Bluffton, IN
  • “My experience with Experience Audiology as a customer has made me a very satisfied client. Dr. Wagner’s expertise in audiology is outstanding. I list the following as reasons to choose her practice as your next choice for assistance in finding and solving your hearing problems. Professionalism, exceptional patient care and follow up, appliances coordinated to individual patient requirements, and state of the art technology that allows 'remote adjustments' if need be. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner to provide your audiology needs.”
    Dave S.
    Bluffton, IN