About Us

"One’s ability to hear is among their most essential of needs, which is why at Experience Audiology we work alongside each of our patients—from start to finish—to ensure he or she achieves the absolute best hearing results they can."

Dr. Jennifer L. Wagner, Au.D.

Dr. Jennifer L. Wagner, Au.D

In late May 2020, my husband and I opened a private practice audiology company in Bluffton, Indiana.  Our company—Experience Audiology—officially opened its doors on May 26, and we welcomed our first patient that afternoon.  As forever residents of Wells County, we value the community in which we live, recognizing the tight–knit, love-thy-neighbor feel Bluffton exudes.  We live here, our children go to school here and we will be here long into the future.

Since graduating in May 2007 with my Doctoral Degree in Audiology from Ball State University, I have been practicing professionally, first with ENT Associates and, since 2009, Carter Hearing Clinics.  Opening Experience Audiology was the next step for me to take from a professional development standpoint.  Starting my own private practice has been a personal goal I established since my early years as an undergraduate student.  And, now, Experience Audiology is a culmination of a dream achieved and an objective met.  My family and I have truly been beyond blessed, indeed.

At Experience Audiology, we specialize in treating all degrees of hearing loss.  In addition to Bluffton, we also have an office in Decatur which we currently staff on Thursdays.  Having graduated from Adams Central High School and my husband Southern Wells, we have been delighted that some of the same people each of our respective families grew up with have come through our doors, both to receive professional services as well as to just say “hi.”  Again, what a testament to both of our respective communities.

If you or someone you know find yourself struggling to hear in any of a variety of environments—be it at church, in restaurants, talking on the phone, or even just sitting at home with your spouse and/or extended family—please call us at (260) 706-2558.  Once contacted, we will schedule a complimentary hearing test.  Based on the results of that test, we will assess your degree of hearing loss and, together, plan a course of action to remedy it.  One’s ability to hear is among their most essential of needs, which is why we work alongside our patients—from start to finish—in order to ensure each patient achieves the absolute best results they can.  This is our commitment to you—each and every one of you.  We pride ourselves on being Patient-Focused and Patient-First.  This mantra, at its core, perfectly describes the type of people we are and, most importantly, strive to improve upon each and every day.

That said, Ben and I very much look forward to hearing from you, and we thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you.  After all, each of us knows how truly amazing it is to, as our tag line reads:

Hear What You’ve Been Missing.